Deb Woodard



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Naughty Pants Believes A Lie

Readers and listeners will identify with Naughty Pants, the young boy-rabbit,

through his mischievousness and search for attention. Even though his sisters

(Fancy Pants, Smarty Pants, Sassy Pants, and Antsy Pants), always tell him what to

do, he doesn’t want to listen! In the end, both the audience and Naughty Pants

discover that they are made for a purpose and are dearly loved.

Naughty Pants Believes a Lie
is an adorable and humorous
children’s story with a powerful
message of unconditional love.
— CRYSTAL BOWMAN, best-selling and award-winning author of more than 100 books, including Do Baby Bears Have Mommies?
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Naughty Pants Believes a Lie - Audiobook - Narrated by Deb Woodard - $2.99